Welcome to Think. Feel. Grow!

Thinkers! Feelers! Friends!

Welcome to Think. Feel. Grow! For the foreseeable future, and with your help, we will think deeply about the various ways that our relationship to nature and one another is created and reinforced by the Everyday Myths of pop culture.  We will think about the messages encoded in our books, advertising, science,  music, cinema and traditions. We will discuss the way we feel about their affect on our beliefs and choices. The combination of which will help us to grow a sustainable, deeply social and aware community of environmental thinkers, ’emoters’ and doers!

By delving into  art, books, science, advertising, movies and song we will decode the messages we passively imbibe and share with our loved ones. The goal is not to mourn our misguided efforts, but to take the opportunities presented to us every day, to actively envision different ways to think about and relate to nature and one another. Through critique and discussion we will usher in the new way of being by becoming the change that we want to see in this world. Today we begin to co-create!


4 thoughts on “Welcome to Think. Feel. Grow!

  1. yay! you are in the blogosphere, and we can be blog friends! i will link to your blog now! we will be forever linked in cyberspace, like a thinking, feeling, growing research family. does that sound a little… nuts?? i hope so ;-]



    • Thanks City Person for the encouragement! Cyberspace is a great way to discuss these topics with diverse peoples. I hope to learn about the Natyre – Culture myths from people around the world, and hope Think. Feel. Grow! will be a bridge toward that. A thinking, feeling research FAMILY is exactly what I hope for, not just with ivory tower academics, but with all people with something to say. Here is to the creation of new sacred knowledge!


  2. Yay Shawndel! I’m so glad you published this important request. I highly recommend Woman and Nature by Susan Grifffen. It’s a seminal ecofeminist work linking the degradation of women to the degradation of the earth. Much love!


    • Hi Nina, Thank you for telling me about Woman and Nature by Susan Griffin (http://www.amazon.com/Woman-Nature-Roaring-Inside-Her/dp/1578050472). Seminal ecofeminist work seems like a troubled adjective, maybe an ‘ovulatory’ work is more apropos, lol, as it contains the potential for all people to recognize our gendered relationships to Nature, women via cycles, men via the omportance of seeds in the creation of life!

      I am including a link to a student essay by Susan Callender from Syracuse University http://web.syr.edu/~knothole/femart.html where she ponders the idea of women ad exclusively intimately connected to nature. Ecofeminism is a guiding principle of mine. In her essay Susan Callender mentions that there is no definitive definition of Ecofeminism (which I have found to be true); my personal definition is in keeping with your own, but I know that others exist that resonate less strongly with me.

      I will include the book in my list of picks on this blog, and it has been added to my Amazon Wishlist!


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