Heard any good ‘nature’ stories?

My Thinking, Feeling, Friends!

Let’s discuss and decode your favorite nature oriented art, song, cinema, music or family traditions! I am archiving current ideas of nature-culture that are a part of your / our everyday life. You can honor your favorite stories, songs, movies, art or artists by contributing to our growing database of the various nature-culture oriented messages we inadvertently encounter or receive during our everyday activities.

I need your help. I am looking for current or persistent myths in our everyday life that discuss Nature / Animal / Plant:

  • Interactions with each other (in any combination)
  • Ecologically sound practice 
  • Interpersonal connections with other people or descriptions of meaningful interactions between people and nature

Would you send me links to or notes about authors, artists and bands, song, movie or book titles, family stories etc. that touch on these topics. I welcome your thoughts about items you send, though this is completely optional – some people may prefer to just send me links or the titles / stories straight away!


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