Wall-E and Dead Prez

Dear Thinkers:

Avant garde in their divergent yet specific ways. Pixar’s Wall-E and Brooklyn rap duo Dead Prez entreat us to Be Healthy and to treat plant life with its due respect. Whereas Wall-E urges us to protect plants and appreciate all forms of  non-human life, Dead Prez tempts us away from animal-based diets with descriptions of delicious urban vegetarian meals.

Both Wall-E and Dead Prez appeal directly to their target audiences. Wall-E successfully glues their trademark animation, wit, nostalgia and US History and culture to the parallel blossoming of Robot and Human PG rated romances.

Dead Prez describes wholesome, delicious vegan meals to city-dwellers who often choose for inexpensive, energy depleting fast food. Their flow and metaphor is skillfully familiar to native New Yorkers, although it may be startling to folks from elsewhere who have differently ideas of what constitutes rough / racy or ‘improper’ language.

Wall-E is an entertaining and heart-warming love story that inadvertently forecasts diminishing human health, excess consumption, diminished sociality as the dangerous outcomes of passive acceptance of a patriarchal capitalist State (authoritiarian, government that supports business rather than citizens). Wall-E represents the essential feminine emotion within us all, the child-like wonder and attention to beauty that is necessary to balance the harsh structure of the very same patriarchal capitalist State.

The soundtrack for this YouTube video is Be Healthy by Dead Prez. It was filmed in a GreenMarket in Hamilton, Ontario. This fellow gets an “A” for courage. Hamilton, Ontario gets an “A” for allowing this particular freedom of expression and you, my dear community get ‘A’ WARNING that there is strong, urban language at the end of the song. This disclaimer means that I bear no responsibility for any issues offense taken at the language.

Portrayals of New York

Another interesting parallel between these two works are the portrayals of New York. Wall-E creates an appropriately garbage hewn New York with the Cubist high-rises he sculpted out of ‘mountains and dunes’ of compacted garbage. Dead Prez’s artfully describes (via shifts in elocution and rhythm) the cuisines of the diverse peoples living in beautiful Brooklyn, New York: Soul Food-Black American, Curry Falafel-Middle Eastern, Ital Stew, Green Callaloo – West Indian to name just a few!


One thought on “Wall-E and Dead Prez

  1. Dead Prez and Wall-E. What a great(and unlikely) combination. There is a interesting contrast. While Dead Prez is overtly political in their stance, those in Wall-E attempt to hide from it. Nothing in major motion picture(much less Pixar) is accidental. While they may have not been promoting a message, they were clearly making a commentary. People had to leave the Earth because there was too much garbage! Sorry, I don’t believe that everything else in the movie was incidental to the love story. Thats pure biship.

    Dead Prez doesn’t receive enough love among hip hop fans. If there is a rap group that is for the people, its Dead Prez. Other rappers(who I will not name)talk about Louis Vuitton bags and their internal struggle about buying diamonds even though young African children are maimed in the process(Sorry. Thats just dumb. What’s the struggle exactly?).

    P.S. Much respect to the Greenmarket in Hamilton, Ontario. That dude could never have done that in Whole Foods.


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