Geese and their Message lost in NYC Plane Accident

Dear Feeling Friends,

A moment of silence for the gruesome deaths of the geese, sucked into and killed by the engines of a US Airways Airbus (plane)  in New York City, this 15th of January 2009.

Thank You.

Unfortunately, I could not embed these videos, but you can view them at their host sites:

For a clip about the birds, as well as Witness and Survivor accounts.

The news reports in the New York Times City Room section, and Wired News ofer mind-bending detailed information about the goings on, prayers, sentiments of the crash survivors, thankfully none of whom were killed or seriously injured beyond the shock of the crash.

However, as they say half the story has never been told.

What kinds of geese were killed? How many? Were there any survivors? Are their remains floating in the river? How does this affect their population?  Do air traffic controllers and those who predetermine viable flight paths refer to scientific or even lay information about migration paths in order to courses least prone to collision?

In the Wired News article, a retired pilot said that the controllers warn of birds in the area, but clearly a vague, often consequence-free warning is not enough. Knowledge ofthe birds habits, nesting places and migration paths would reduce or even eliminate future incidences.

On a spiritual note, the Goose as a totem brings certain lessons, specifically:

To carry Goose medicine is to carry the energy of the journey of the great quest, to set a high goal and find the right ways to navigate towards it. Goose also comes to teach us how to navigate the greatest turbulence in our lives as well as how to make greater headway when things are going well.

This can be a teachable moment: here we are presented with the miraculous preservation of human life in a situation when it could have been lost. We can interpret the loss of Avian life as the Goose totem sending us a message writ in their blood:  We humans must and can do better. We must be different than we have been. We must know, love and respect the other life forms with which we share this city. Not doing harms us all.

Just  how much money, time, paperwork, gasoline, therapy hours and and Avian life could have been saved with the knowledge and integration of basic information about Geese migration patterns into available flight plans in a given season? Our disregard for the loss of aavian life today is a stain on the human claim to species superiority. With all the resources available to us to preserve and save life, our ignorance of non-human beings in New York City caused unnecessary avian death, human emotional shock, damage to our already sick Muhheakantuck river or the Hudson River as we know it,  loss of collateral (airplane) and a long, diesel-fuel expensive day for our city services (EMT, Fire Department, Coast Guard, Ferries and public officials).

As today’s events are processed in the public domain, I am interested to learn how people integrate the lessons ‘wing-delivered’ to us today.

Rest in Peace, Geese. Ashe.


3 thoughts on “Geese and their Message lost in NYC Plane Accident

  1. I was in Washington DC at the Newseum and I saw the Saturday edition of the New York Post. The cover had a picture of a goose in the crosshairs of a rifle with the caption, “Pluck Em. Kill the Geese Before They Down Another Jet.” At first I though it was some kind of joke. The sick part is that it wasn’t a joke. Someone at the NY Post thought that the best way to deal will this situation was to kill the geese. How would that work exactly? Birds fly wherever they want. Thats what they do! They been up there far longer than we have. Lets not better understand their migratory patterns. Lets not study ways in which we can better detect them and get out of their way. No. Kill them. THAT is the solution. I have been trying to avoid accusing people of being the I word for 2009 but whoever wrote that is ignorant with a capital I.


    • I know, it is amazing isn’t it? I just finished watching Princess Monoke again and at tehe nd of the movie after the Forest SPirit returns to the Earth one of the characters from IronTown said “hmph! I didn’t know the Forest Spirt made the flowers grow!”. I think many many people are on the blind side of nature, products of the world which provides them much physical comfort and little spiritual understanding. I realized recently that the people who would think that killing the Geese is the best option are not those who would read a blog like this one, nor would they have any interest or understanding of the inherent value of all life, even if they are the same people who consider themselves religious. M goal, is to reach those people where they are, to help shift their perception, to broaden their horizon allowing for a greater experience of awe, one beyond the awe-someness of man-mande creations.


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