Be your own Paparazzi

Just imagine, what would the world look like if this young person, so talented, brilliant vocalist at just 12 years young, were to be afraid to share his non-traditional singing voice with his peers? The talent show might have been a lot less spectacular, I wouldn’t be blogging on it because I wouldn’t have had an epiphany-scented moment simply because the video would not exist.

I’ve struggled the past few years to birth my having a unique writing voice or style. I feel the urge to bear down and push, yet the fear keeps me from bringing forth this other expression of life that I have within me. My colleague and friend, she of indomitable courage, the Afrosapien CityPerson named Adeola is a fierce advocate for STYLE; That is, personal style from how we dress to professional showmanship.  She sent me Nietzsche’s treatise On Style #290 which I inserted below:


“One thing is needful.—To ‘give style’ to one’s character—a great and rare art! It is practiced by those who survey all the strengths and weaknesses of their nature and then fit them into an artistic plan until every one of them appears as art and reason and even weaknesses delight the eye. Here alarge mass of second nature has been added, there a piece of original nature has been removed:—both times through long practice and daily work at it. Here the ugly that could not be removed is concealed, there it has been reinterpreted and made sublime. Much that is vague and resisted shaping has been saved and exploited for distant views:—it ismeant to beckon toward the far and immeasurable. In the end, when thework is finished, it becomes evident how the constraint of a single taste governed and formed everything large and small: whether this taste was good or bad is less important than one might suppose,—if onlyit was a single taste!— It will be the strong and domineering natures that enjoy their finest gaiety in such constraint and perfection under a law of their own; the passion of their tremendous will relents in the face of all stylized nature, of all conquered and serving nature; even when they have to build palaces and design gardens they demur at giving nature freedom.— Conversely, it is the weak characters without power over themselves that hate the constraint of style: they feel that if this bitter and evil constraint were imposed upon them they would be demeaned:—they become slaves as soon as they serve; they hate to serve. Suchspirits—and they may be of the first rank—are always out to shape and interpret their environment as free nature—wild, arbitrary,fantastic, disorderly, and surprising. And they are well advised because it is only in this way that they can give pleasure to themselves! For one thing is needful: that a human being should attain satisfaction with himself—whether it be by means of this or that poetry and art: only then is a human being at all tolerable to behold! Whoever is dissatisfied with himself is continually ready for revenge: and we others will be his victims, if only by having to endure his ugly sight.For the sight of what is ugly makes one bad and gloomy.”

This young person’s interpretation of Lady Ga’Ga’s Paparazzi really took the song to a stylistic and  melodic new level, and made it something worthy of the grand piano way beyond the vocal capabilities of the original chanteuse.

Add to his style the content. He chose to reinterpret, play and sing the hugely popular song, Paparazzi by Lady Gaga, a song adored by millions. It is not an easy task this, but it would seem even now that his brilliant performance essentially predicts his future – one wherein he fearlessly presents his own STYLE and VOICE to grand applause. Such siren-song will only endear him to audiences, for it caresses across the tympanum.

I posted this video today because my “search” for my voice must end at some time, somewhere, someday in someway. I am choosing today. Henceforward I will exercise my voice so that it may grow to be formidable, compelling, exciting and awe-inspiring. I choose to be my own paparazzi.


I am my own paparazzo

Taken by paparazzi for my facebook photoshoot


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