Corn for Cat Pee…Is this our best option?

Dear Thinkers,

I am completely confuddled, dumbergasted and awefulwhemed by this new product, the Wolrd’s Greatest Cat Litter. I mean really, what terrible turn have we taken to resort to using Whole-Kernel Corn as cat litter? I mean, truth be told, I think felines are incredible animal companions, however that is beyond the point I am making here:  People are being sold on the idea of using FOOD to dispose of CAT URINE and FECES. Add to that the fact that growing corn is very water expensive. It takes a lot of moisture to sustain corn from seedling to cob, and the shape of plant along with our harvesting methods means that the water used in its production is never returned to the ecosystem. Why then do people make “green claims” about corn, advertising it as so environmentally friendly.

The emergence of this product just suggests that corn subsidies have produced such an overwhelming surplus, that to sustain our corn-bullied farmers not only is corn added to most everyday products from food to commercial processes such as the glossy coating on milk cartons and magazines. Apparently, the next viable market that is ready to be saturated with corn is that of the domestic cat. Yet one more of  one-thousand uses for corn. If, George Washington Carver could see us now!


A thousand uses for the peanut and sweet potato!!!

American scientist, botanist, educator, and inventor.


I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised though. After all, we already use potable drinking water for our own waste, and dump garbage on healthy marshlands and call it “waste disposal”. Well, I say “in for a penny, in for a pound”, so if you decide to go out and buy the World’s Best Cat Litter, you MUST put it in The Litter House, the World’s Best Litter Box! 🙂

Thank you  to Richard J. Ferris for bringing the Worlds Best Cat Litter to my attention.

In sustained thought…



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