A Haiku Mind, A Haiku Life

My Feeling Thinking Friends,

Toward growth, spiritual and emotional progress I write today of the poet, Sonia Sanchez. To me, she epitomizes the Beautiful Spirit which feeds her fantastical mind, loving heart and grounded views, that is, she IS the Haiku Mind personified, living a Haiku Life to inspire in us all, the Haiku Mind.

“A Haiku Mind: the way of looking at each other, the way of looking at the beauty in nature and transferring that looking [to the] the beauty in ourselves” (Sonia Sanchez, minute 3:22 —3:32)

She has taken up her mantle of artist, poet, seer, counselor and griot (pronounced: gree-oh) to share with us the way, the path, the methodos for beauty, creative expression, peace, personal productivity and overall health & well-being. It is through Her chosen art form, the Haiku which “…is three lines,  five–seven–five,  seventeen syllables  involved there, it will give us a moment of beauty, a moment of time, a moment of something so excruciatingly beautiful that you just stop for a minute, and it catches your breath, period”.  (Sonia Sanchez, minute 1:32–1:56)

(Here is the video, please do watch this lovely interview)

On April 26, 2010, Ms. Sanchez appeared on the Tavis Smiley show, and she offered us just that, moments in which we can and may pause to catch our breath in pace with her silken phraseology,  lyrical lilt delivered in her precise, crystalline, velvet-tinged voice:

“The beauty of the haiku is that it is NOT simplistic, the beauty of the haiku…is very complex. It reaches all the complexities of our life on this earth. Peace – thats a very complex idea, Peace…We can’t get it as human beings. And so what I am trying to do, is to tell young people, I teach them how to breathe before I teach the Haiku…that one breath, that one breath because the haiku keeps you alive, it keeps you going. If you learn how to breathe the heaiku, you learn how to breathe., and if you learn to breathe, you’re much healthier” (Sonia Sanchez, minute 3:57–4:33)

Check out her new book: A Morning Haiku


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