Last Leaf’s Flip Book Animation on Toast!

Hey there my fellow Thinkers!


Take a gander at this video by OK Go for their song Last Leaf. As a disciple and fan of novel forms of visuality (practice and media) in our visually cluttered world, this video is tops with me. the golden char on the pieces of toast serve as sepia toned background for the semi-related images in the foreground. The images don’t directly match the lyrics, however the emotions invoked by those images match the tone – harmonically and lyrically of the song. I see a real mastery of the media used by all those involved; mastery, a la martial arts, the visual artists involved (for example Geoff McFetridge), clearly have expert knowledge of their tools.  The band or at least their publicity team seems very aware of what “indie” is on the internet, in fact they say so on the BIO page of their website. Such a multilevel awareness shows itself as they cater to the medium of the internet with a quirky video, while simultaneously creating the indie quirky culture they seem to represent.  This very point is why I linked this entry to the Frontline Episode of the Persuaders wherein advertisers co-opt culture, repackage it, take it mainstream, and in so many careless hands, eventually destroys the essence which made it special in the first place.

I am a thinking, feeling person aimed toward growth in comprehension and stillness. I have no quarrel with the band OK Go, nor the skilled visual and production artists or marketing mavens that crafted and packaged this video. i took a peek at their tour schedule for the past year, fabulous stops I might add, and noted that the Billy-burg hipsters bought out ALL of the tickets when band OK Go performed here in Brooklyn. The hipsters have their own unique culture over there, and I can’t help but wonder whether this band (that they love so much) actually represents that hipster je ne sais quoi, or if their sponsored partnership with Samsung is the beginning of the very repackaging, mainstreaming and dilution of hipster culture. Truthfully, every blog, tweet and the inevitable proliferation of this neat music video futher seals this fate..

Woo Woo…Meta…


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