Who Me, on TV?

You can find me at minute 6:30, although you should know that the entire segment of this CUNY-TV spotlight “Study With the Best” is  interesting. We filmed this about 8-months ago, and I distinctly remember how the day unfolded for me as I prepared for the interview and chose the visuals to accompany my discussion of my work, which was then, unexplored. My conceptualization of what I have to offer (any) academic discourse was very vague, and I had only just begun to explore visual practices in the most rudimentary of fashions. Today, I have a keener sense of graphic design norms, marketing and advertising ploys, and I now initiate conversations about novel approaches to interdisciplinarity, shaping an academic careers and new technological resources for (self) publishing and promotion.

In this segment, I appear at minute 6:32. I present quick glimpses of my visual projects and discuss why I choose  work in the new media lab. This is my first time seeing myself speaking and just “being” on television, my mannerisms, expressions and body language. At long last, I feel that my interests, expertise, professional network and blogging are converging to shape the beginning of what I intend to be a multi-faceted practice of engaging in new conversations through different media and methods with colleagues and friends in allied fields.

For professional networking, you can follow my Twitter Feed, “think. Feel. Grow!“,  you can check out what the New Media Lab has to say about me and of course, I am on Academia.edu

You can also write me at thinkfeelgrow at gmail dot com!

Shawndel Fraser Haiku #2

Visual Research
BloggingTweeting Leader
and Academic

Shawndel N. Fraser


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