How’s about People Control instead of Animal Control?

My Feeling Friends,

Laughter is the key! It sounds (and looks like) Palm Beach County Department of Animal Control should petition the County for more funds to do a concentrated campaign of “People Control”. Florida wildlife is of the most intense sort (think gators), so concerted public education (outside of their offices) about area wildlife, safety risks and overall fuzziness quotient would really benefit animals, tourists and potential “attackees” alike.

Once upon a time, I was an Animal Caretaker at the Millbrook School’s Trevor Zoo , where I cared for Otters (as well as other animals). From the first moment when Mr. Meigs introduced us during morning feeding time, I noted their water-slicked,  lithe little frames, and heard their grunting, fussy voices as they fed. Oh, dear baby Buddha, how to describe it? Think of a hairy version of a piranha “feeding frenzy”, on land – seemingly chaotic yet completely ordered, replete with sharp needle teeth and the need to get the heck outta the way when it’s not your turn!

Well, the fuzzy imaginings I’d previously held, all completely melted away when I inadvertently stepped back, tripped over my surpise at their Otter intensity. I then unwittingly zapped myself on the previously unnoticed electrified fence (not fun) which was there to protect us from each other and other unwelcome or unfortunate interactions. Suffice it to say, I learned VERY quickly to not get too close and promptly let go of my dreams of snuggling an otter like a wet pet ferret.

Otters, however cute , are strong-willed animals, and are best observed from afar while they frolic in the water, away from exposed, vulnerable human fleshy parts.

Looks like our amateur cameraman learned this lesson harder than I did! He shouldn’t feel too bad, he’s now a member of an elite” club! 🙂

If you survived it, you can laugh about it!

Laughter is the Best Medicine!


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