Habari Gani: You Bring the Sunshine

My Feeling Friends,

I hope that the winter holidays were kind to your body, mind and soul. For me, they were challenging to mind and soul, I’ve been through what I think is a cleansing fire because even as the grief evaporates, I hear railing sounds of rejoicing. I am strongly drawn to this song which I rediscovered at a Kwanzaa Celebration on Dec 30th. The principle of the day was NIA, which is Swahili for what we call “Purpose” in English.

These past few years I have been intently meditating on my higher Purpose, and this year’s Kwanzaa celebration was a precious moment where I was fortunate  enough to be in safe, calming, loving company, community and family, all of us meditating on this very same idea.

As we mingled and dined on delicious foods, our host in his role as DJ played “You Bring the Sunshine” by the Clark Sisters. We all joined in the singing, probably each of us remembering those times when this song most buoyed us in turbulent times.  My spirit immediately attuned to the beauty of the event, and released me from focusing on what was beyond my control. It is in that same spirit that I share this with you.

Good luck finding it on iTunes though.



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