That Thing I Do

To my Thinking Feeling Growers,

I have been on a hiatus of sorts, rethinking  my approach to the PhD, New York City, and what I have shared thus far on this and my other active blogs (, My realization? It is time to go deeper.

Two recent conversations with my trusted friend and colleague, the City Person of Archiving the City brought me to a new understanding. She suggested that I integrate the theories I engage with on my PhD, and show the resultant alchemy of thought. I nodded in agreement, but did not know how to do it. I mulled it over the holidays until today. I worried that I’ve only dug deep enough for a shallow pool, someplace to cool the toes but not enough to drop into and emerge refreshed. I am ready to embark on the phase of excavation (of self), to create a body of water (knowledge and insight) deep enough for diving and for seeing one’s reflection. It is time to go deep. As fixed water, a Scorpio, indeed I have many gifts to share, the bottom, fathomless.

After last night’s conversation of shared revelations framed by trust, the City Person offered me a great gift. She reiterated what others have previously noted, but in a way that deeply resonated with my thought processes. She offered me impressionistic images in a carefully chosen rainfall of 2-word lyrical descriptions, sensorial references and real-life examples. Thank you, City Person. She helped me glimpse the receiving end of just what it is That I Do. That thing I do (T2 I DO for short, maybe? Yes, I like it), is what my close friends and trusted colleagues experience. A form of sage psychological advice, embedded in nature imagery, totem medicine references, and incisive spiritual insights  informed by ancient traditions and current scientific ideas. Equally likely to reconnect you with your long-lost belief or friend, my unanticipated role in life is to offer people a space for stillness, pause and reconsideration. Space to realign with what is true for you. In our continuously distracted and distracting world, it is easy to lose sight of your purpose and path early in life. I help you scent or sight your trail. It is up to you to pursue it. That is the thing I do.

That thing I DO (T2 I Do) is but a momentary reflection of You, washed in what I know, see and feel, then refracted back in terms and archetypal sensory impressions that you instantly recognize. They slice deep through the decisions you unknowingly make, and persona you doggedly project to uncover the luminescent path you truly mean to walk and may have glimpsed on your own but don’t yet know how to approach. I am a non-judgmental conduit, trustworthy and deeply open to those who are likewise open and trusting.

So, in 2011, I have decided to bring more of T2 I Do, that is, to bring more of myself, to my blogs and to my research. Going forward I will share my inspirations as they take me to rapturous peaks of clarity, high and low emotions, new connections and startling insight. They may or may not affect you the same way and that is perfectly alright. I simply seek to share the beauty that inspires me  and document that which informs the thing I do. I wish to make explicit my implicit philosophy, to connect with deeply open, pensive and engaged persons, to scent and sight my path deeper into the future and pave it with the alchemical gold of clear intent.

Starting today, I will share images, sounds and snippets of what inspires me. Altogether, it will coalesce into a moving snapshot of T2 I Do, my contribution to nourishing and healing our hauntingly beautiful and profoundly disturbed natural and social world.

Because so many have commented on it, and called it that – That Thing I Do, until it otherwise names itself , I will call it “T2, I Do”. The new incarnation, branch and substance of think. Feel. Grow!



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