Creating my Research Website

I am in the midst of an exciting project. I am weaving together the long years of my PhD work until this point; my exploration of visuals, my readings, along with my budding knowledge of WordPress as a content management system / website / blog to assemble my multimedia research website. I’ve had a vision for 2 years now, and finally feel that I have enough [access to] information and resources to gather everything into a coherent, aesthetically pleasing whole.

I am of course still learning and creating knowledge about my subject, myths of nature within car ads in National Geographic Magazine, however, as an experiential and visual learner, this type of immersion refines my methods, and forces me to write my methods section of my paper.  This semester I am learning more about how to use Final Cut Pro, and it is prompting me to reassess my approach to the archive, my massive data set so that I can actually get at my core idea. The plan is to make short films about them, and massage a couple of publications from writing about what I learn from the process and the data.

think. Feel. Grow! is my mantra, my process and website. The site that I am working on is the storehouse for the public view of my research data, which is of course different from the content contained here and on my tumblr microblog. When the time is right, I will of course début it here on tfg!


2 thoughts on “Creating my Research Website

  1. Cool Idea!

    I did a similar idea a few years ago when blogging first became in vogue. I was using the system to capture the ideas that were pouring out of the books I was devouring at the time. I had the goal of reading 10 books a week, and found that without a way to manage (and remember) the information, a lot of it was being lost.

    Good luck!



  2. Thanks for the well wishes! It’s true, the ideas come aplenty, and the blog is a good way to hold on to them. Now that the web has advanced and blogs are multi-purpose, I can make it more than just words, which is my goal over the next few months. I wonder what ever happened to your blog? Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!



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