That’s Pinteresting!

I created Pinterest boards some time ago, and have finally learned the merits of it: extreme photoblogging. Pinterest is a pinboard that allows you to post images from around the web, and then categorize them according to your preferred themes. All it requires is a simple bookmarklet installation in your bookmarks bar, and presto! You’re pinning all of your favorite things. I am using mine as an inspiration journal for craft ideas, recipes, and visual stimuli toward my ideal spaces.

Other people create board to vision their weddings or personal style, to share humorous images, or to make themed “magazine-esque collage boards. I have not tried to pin a video, so I don’t know it it is possible, and I don’t yet know if you can pin quotes or non-visual items like sound; but for the visually inclined, pinterest is an easy foray into blogging and curating your favorite parts of the web!

View my boards on Pinterest, who knows, it may inspire you to create an account for yourself! You can click the image if you’re Pinterested!

Click if you're Pinterested!


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