Heritage Dance Day: Guinean Music and Dance

“Ankanoum” by Dousouba Diabate Music from Guinea, West Africa.

My stepfather who hails from Guinea, West Africa introduced me to music from the region. I love to dance, and am a born soca and calypso dancer, so I took to this style of music and dance like a fish to water. I LOVE IT! I love it so much that it inspired me to start the Heritage Day music series on think. Feel. Grow!

This video is a real treat. The people dance in a lovely yard with trees and giant agave. We can still read visual cues that convey the attitude of the performers with knowing the language. Everything is purposeful in this video – the costumes are intentional, and planned to complement each another. The women have different body types, they reflect the real women of their country, and all of them can DANCE!

Enjoy the dance, the guitar melody and the vocal harmony. Notice that men dance differently from women, almost physically specific: men gyrate and thrust, women roll their hips, shoulders and make elegant hand movements, each to a different rhythm in the music. Whatever moves you choose, the feel is graceful. Just flow, roll, bounce and sway and pick your feet up off the ground slightly with each movement. It’s a great way to get your cardio sweat “on” while learning new rhythms and ways to move your body!



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