Heritage Dance Day: Guinean Music pt. 2

This song and video is called “Anagnan, and the artist is Dousouba Diabate. It makes me miss Guinea although I’ve never been there. Seriously. Once upon a time I would sit and dream with my stepfather about visiting his homeland. I imagined the sights, the sounds, the smell, the feel of the warm ground under my feet, the tickle of the breeze near the sea-shore, and the wax-cloth dress next to my skin. When I hear Dousouba’s voice it calls forth a yearning that makes me want to call my stepfather…let’s just say that after more than a year of silence between us, well to inspire that within me is the mark of a GOOD SONG!

I also love that the rhythm and guitar remind me of calypso so it feels really familiar on a cellular level. The dancers dresses are beautiful, color, tailoring, the sheen that marks a good wax-cloth. they are all clearly having fun. The male dancers are the color of life itself, all of them are muscular, gorgeous, and have amazing skin. The women are so confident and beautiful, confident in their dancing, and not concerned with how they “look”. I LOVE THIS VIDEO and SONG. Can you tell? They are beautiful black people, and they are showing us how to dance and have fun outdoors!!!!! No studio set here, enjoy life OUTSIDE of four walls.

This song inspires me to dance, and dance I shall. Won’t you join me?


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