Where Does Your Inspiration Grow?

These three Atlanta-based men Boris Penton, Andre Rucker, and Cyrus “Glitch” Spencer of “Dragon House” have created their own style, lexicon and approach to the hip-hop genre of dance.

Precise movement. Nuanced facial expression, rapid-fire footwork and flexibility from beyond, these men created something that most of the viewing audience had never seen before, and it originated in their “Dance Room” (the converted Dining Room) of the apartment they share with some 10 other people. The men showed great support for each other and encouraged one another to “Vegas-worthy” performances. If their goals were to advance to Vegas as a trio, to put the name of “Dragon House” on the lips of dance-appreciating American public, and to radiate positive energy, well, they’ve succeeded on all THREE counts.

Who knows what the future holds, but the present is what have; In the present, the great here and now, three men collaborated on a trio of three distinct yet related original choreographed works that blew my mind, made me laugh and simply wish myself and my current collaborative group of women advanced preparation, excitement, skill and confidence when (capital “O”) Opportunity presents itself in support of our goals.

THINK:: What comes to mind about your own passion when you view the videos of “Dragon House” at home, their performances and the judges response?

FEEL:: What emotions and sensations do you feel at the prospect of the first step of YOUR dream coming true? Where do you feel those sensations and emotions in your body?

GROW::What physical, psychological, informational, or practical preparation do you need to ensure your readiness WHEN your opportunity arrives? How will you manifest the means to facilitate that preparation and growth?


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