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“Bliss on this day, created by wholesome play, after dinner with family and friends, the cherished memory never ends. Rainbows and flowers, the color of blessings’ showers, the ecstatic smile is but the smallest of my powers.” ~Shawndel


My name is Shawndel Novene Fraser, M.A., and welcome to my website.

During my doctoral studies in Environmental Psychology at the Graduate Center, of the City University of New York, I received a spiritual wake-up call to pursue my life’s goal NOW and build The Blue Dome: Creative and Healing Arts Retreat. I chose to accept my mantle that day, so that I now lead Artful Transcendence Healing Arts Workshops for women. I am awaiting 501c3 designation so that I may raise funds to purchase land and supplies for the physical Blue Dome retreat.

I specialize in building supportive environments and positive women’s community through creative and healing arts workshops, green event planning, sustainable architecture and social media.  I am a Life Coach (for hire) under the aegis of my brand Artful Transcendence©, and I use various arts and crafts as self-reflexive exercises to promote healing in women who have survived intense or seemingly indelible experiences.


I am Teaching Artist. I lead healing and creative arts workshops using a combination of therapeutic horticulture, paper making, book binding, art journaling, talisman design, digital storytelling and more. I am working on including natural dyes and fiber preparation. Stay tuned for my new website dedicated to upcoming workshops and a fundraiser for The Blue Dome, my creative and healing arts retreat and community for women.

I have designed and sold jewelry in galleries, and in Museum gift shops. I am currently creating stock inventory for sale in upcoming arts and farmers markets, my etsy shop, and for use in Artful Transcendence© healing / coaching sessions.

I hope that you find something here that inspires you toward your highest life purpose or deepest healing.


I am a Life Coach, and am accepting new clients. All of my creative enterprises support the creation of my life’s project, a sustainable, creative and healing arts retreat for women survivors Artful Transcenders.

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