About think. Feel. Grow!

think. Feel. Grow! is my mantra, my brand and of course, my website. If you wish to contract me as a creative healing Artful Transcendence Life Coach, email me at creative healing [at] thebluedome [dot] com.

As a mantra, think. Feel. Grow! explains my approach to life and experience. Like many intellectuals, I live mainly in my head, I think about EVERYTHING, all the time. Yet my personal evolution has shown me that emotion is the keep to good thoughts and positive growth.

The feedback loop between thought and emotion is powerful. Our emotions affect the tone and content of our thoughts, and conversely, the tone and content of our thoughts affect what emotions we feel. Here is where people have the ability to change their life’s outlook. “think. Feel. Grow!” represents the inevitable outcome of positive, deliberate thought and of being present in one’s emotions…GROWTH!

“think. Feel. Grow! represents my intent to be present in my thoughts and my emotions so that I think about what makes me feel good, so that I can feel good! When we generally feel good from the inside (without need of external validation), then we are intellectually, emotionally, psychologically and ultimately socially mature. When we take conscious, well-intended, good feeling action, well that, that is the surest sign of Growth!

I made this website to be a place where I share some of my growth moments with an audience. Inspiration takes many forms, “Aha!” moments are divine. I publish thoughts and activities that reflect growth moments in the hopes that it will inspire you to be present in your thoughts and feelings, for they both control your actions.

Feel free to share your reactions to the posts, or any new ideas that emerge for you while reading them. I am after all trained in psychology, so it will all be interesting to me 🙂

You can also follow me on twitter where I offer bite-sized inspiration about peace, healing,  life affirming beautiful design and technology, links to soulful and enriching books and activities, interesting discussions about the environment, spirituality and psychology. 

Talk to you soon!


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