I’m almost famous!

Shared Spirit of NES Award goes to Shawndel Fraser and Bijan Kimiagar

Shawndel Fraser and Bijan Kimiagar receive the Spirit of NES PSC/CUNY Environmental Justice Award at the Tenth Annual Nature Ecology Society Colloquium at the Graduate Center, March 11, 2011

Get your autograph now before the price goes up, I’m almost famous! ūüôā Seriously though, ¬†I am honored to share this award with my my co-organizer Bijan Kimiagar. We won one of the first ever PSC/CUNY Environmental Justice Awards for using visual/digital media to enhance understanding of climate change at the Tenth Nature Ecology Society Colloquium.
It was a great surprise after a year of planning, and two full-days of performance, presentations, art and lively discussion, ¬†to be called to the stage by PSC/CUNY Representatives Joan Greenbaum PhD and Jean Grassman PhD to receive this award. First they distributed the original ¬†PSC CUNY Environmental Justice Awards: The¬†Spirit of NES awards¬†to the NES presenters whose work or research used visual/digital media to enhance the understanding of the impact of climate change upon nature, ecology and society, and the We’re in it Together¬†awards to two presenters whose work strove to involve community action. Then, after the four planned awards, Bijan and I were¬†completely surprised to hear them announce a FIFTH award! One we would share for our work organizing the Colloquium presentations, workshops, films, website and social media and the¬†sustainable luncheon. which we composted with the Friends of Brook Park.
My biggest thanks to the Professional Staff Congress of CUNY Green WatchDogs for generously sponsoring the awards and for their unflagging support of the Nature Ecology Society Colloquium. I would specifically like to thank Joan Greenbaum and Jean Grassman along with the Awards committee for recognizing our hard work and commitment to encouraging the use of visual, digital media and other alternative methods to communicate ideas about climate change related concerns.

Bijan and Shawndel PSC/CUNY Award Celebratory Embrace