Market Street in a T-model Ford

I find it interesting that such a disproportionately large amount of space is allotted to vehicles while the masses of people crowded on the sidelines, or side-walks as we call them. I often wonder how this bizarre convention came about…

Looking at this short film with today’s eyes, and listening to the music, I can’t help but expect some climax, of which there is none, so know that going in. What this is, is a snippet of what you might have seen from the front seat of a T-model riding to Market Street, back in 1906, minus the noise, horse smells and herky-jerky ride, of course.



I heart this ad!

Get a wide track, Get a Pontiac, and Breakaway, its, the Breakaway car this year…

the year  being 1969  of course. This commercial is perfect, the images they show are the same that car advertisers still tell us that cars are good for, when, in reality all we do is move them to the alternate side of the street, and “rubberneck” at collisions on the highways.

At least the jingle is captivating, which is the true reason I adore this commercial for the Firebird GTO… breakaway!