Land Lovers and Canning in my Native New York

The Canning Queen of the Desert from Etsy on Vimeo.

Eating from the Land Ties You to the Land


Awaken to the Wall Street Protests

The protest and occupation of Wall Street is REAL. The police violence against people exercising their right to assemble and speak free speech, is REAL. It is happening now, and it is on my route to school. From Wisconsin to New York, to the rest of the USA, there is only one way to reclaim what what is inherently yours. Do your part.

As a first generation American with brown skin, I have learned that police  do not respect the lives of Black people. The Black body is often endangered around police. Today, I wept, because I realized that we crossed a threshold in New York this week. Footage, images, and testimonials illustrate that for the first time in my lifetime, the young White body is now also subject, that is vulnerable to unjustified police anger, censuring and violence on the streets of New York.

The media has been overwhelmingly silent about the protests. Even at this late hour, a google search produces a couple of weak blog entry son the New York times along with a disparaging news feature. Keith Olbermann investigates.

Occupy Wall Street protest in Zuccotti Park, Manhattan. Photo: Shankbone, Creative Commons.

We are at a critical moment as a nation where Wisconsin and New York City are the canaries in the mine. They are signs for the rest of us who may be temporarily more materially comfortable. Do not sleep on the reality of fellow-citizens. Just as the homeless person signals great wealth discrepancies between citizens, so too does this protest.

The very existence of civil unrest IS the indicator that the structure is draining the life-force from the people. This is all of our revolution.

#Occupywallst is still just the beginning. Watch the videos, be not jaded nor alarmed. Just prepare.

That is all.