We Are All Homeless by Willie Baronet (and Co-Conspirators in Empathy and Creativity)

This project is genius because of the spirit it evokes and invokes.

May we each find and live our hearts purpose in a creative manner such as this. May our most cherished work be a gift in the lives of all who participate, and inspire all who bear witness.

May it be so.


And so it is.


Make Good Art

Author Neil Gaiman,

2012 Commencement Speech at the University of the Arts

Philadelphia, 2012

Inspiration Tuesday: Strength, Courage and Wisdom

My thinking, feeling, growing lovelies!

I recently became re-inspired to practice my guitar for two reasons; the first is for the simple enjoyment of the instrument, I love to feel the curves and weight of the guitar in my arms and on my lap, and the sounds of the plucked strings thrills me. The second reason is to get my chops back as I anticipate performing with vocalist Leisha Lashawn later this year. It has been a while since I’ve performed, I’ve started practicing the basics so that I may feel confident when I return to the stage.

As I searched my sheet music I rediscovered my book of India Arie’s “Acoustic Soul” guitar tablature. However, it was only when I watched Lainey Bernstein sing it at the Center for Spiritual Living Dallas, that I realized that I should share this song (and Leiney’s performance of it with you. ( Reverend Petra’s talk “What You Think of Me is None of My Business” follow’s Lainey’s performance).

I adore this song because it is a catchy, inspirational tune that tells us that self-trust is the only path to emotional, spiritual and psychological freedom. There is no person, pastor, prophet or professor who can give you courage or confidence. Science of mind, or spiritual psychology would tell is that any miracle that bolsters your faith was in fact, self-created. I love India Arie for her courage and innovation because she wrote a song of self-love and shared it far and wide with mainstream music fans.

As a blogger, I step out on faith every time I share my thoughts with a public that I do not see and cannot trace. I make myself knowable using a medium that does not necessarily foster reciprocation. Even still, I trust that I am honing my ability to share insights and inspiration via the web as effectively as I do in person. I also trust that blogging contributes to my future goals in some great way–beyond my enjoyment of the task itself.

THINK::When was the last time you stepped out on faith? What made it a test of your courage?  Remember tests are indicators of skill, so then tests of faith are measures of how well you trust yourself to manage that aspect of your life. If you doubt yourself, remember doubt is not based on fact, doubt is created by fear. Doubt is literally the spawn or offal of fear. Why give your power to psychological poop? Just flush it away.

FEEL:: What emotions and physical sensations did you feel during and after the “test”? What do you feel right now as you read about and think about fear as something that you can work by simply choosing to trust yourself? What would your life feel like if you had profound trust in your ability to care for yourself, to choose good people,places, and foods for yourself? If you can feel it, you can live it!

GROW:: What would it take for you to trust yourself? If you feel that some parts of your life actively prevent you from feeling courageous about your ability to be healthy, stable, happy or calm, then what changes can you make? The only change you need in life is you: shift your thoughts and choices, your behaviors and relationship to your environment, community and confidantes.