We Are All Homeless by Willie Baronet (and Co-Conspirators in Empathy and Creativity)

This project is genius because of the spirit it evokes and invokes.

May we each find and live our hearts purpose in a creative manner such as this. May our most cherished work be a gift in the lives of all who participate, and inspire all who bear witness.

May it be so.


And so it is.


How do you work as an artist?

***2014 update: the artist changed her website location so the images and links are no longer active, however some of the text remains. I’ve left this post live for archival purposes.***

Are you free to explore? Do you have enough space to let our imagination roam? Do you allow yourself to make creative “mistakes”? Are you running on all creative cylinders?

I don’t know about you, but I am sometimes challenged to let my hands to the walking and just see what develops. With jewelry design and crochet, I’ve found that flow, but writing and bookbinding is still a lesson in progress.

I liked this blog entry because: the images were compelling, the author went to Penland, a renowned fantastic arts and crafts institution that I am saving up to attend (woo sah), and I learned that there is an art form called “rust dyeing”. I’m all over it.

This post made me think about the creative space I allow myself, so I figured I’d begin carving out new creative space with an amazing new blogging technique and voice: amplify. I share it with you, record my impressions and let the internet do the rest, without going hyperlink mad.

Some of the works created by the class in these short exercises are below.

I’m finally getting around to sharing the ART part of my experience at Penland.  It was such an inspiring time.  I loved the energy of working in the studio every day with a variety of other artists.  I don’t really have a studio space at home so I often feel guilty if I leave my art supplies out for a long period of time but for me I need to be able to walk away and come back to my work.  I learned a lot about how I like to work while I was there.

Another fun aspect of the class was that our instructor, Jason Pollen (check out his amazing work if you don’t know him!) used Astrology as an inspiration for us to focus our creative energy on.  Each day we discussed a different planet, the corresponding sign and the energy surrounding it.  In this way we were encouraged to channel certain emotions or energy to put into our work.

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