We Are All Homeless by Willie Baronet (and Co-Conspirators in Empathy and Creativity)

This project is genius because of the spirit it evokes and invokes.

May we each find and live our hearts purpose in a creative manner such as this. May our most cherished work be a gift in the lives of all who participate, and inspire all who bear witness.

May it be so.


And so it is.


Inspiration Tuesday: Strength, Courage and Wisdom

My thinking, feeling, growing lovelies!

I recently became re-inspired to practice my guitar for two reasons; the first is for the simple enjoyment of the instrument, I love to feel the curves and weight of the guitar in my arms and on my lap, and the sounds of the plucked strings thrills me. The second reason is to get my chops back as I anticipate performing with vocalist Leisha Lashawn later this year. It has been a while since I’ve performed, I’ve started practicing the basics so that I may feel confident when I return to the stage.

As I searched my sheet music I rediscovered my book of India Arie’s “Acoustic Soul” guitar tablature. However, it was only when I watched Lainey Bernstein sing it at the Center for Spiritual Living Dallas, that I realized that I should share this song (and Leiney’s performance of it with you. ( Reverend Petra’s talk “What You Think of Me is None of My Business” follow’s Lainey’s performance).

I adore this song because it is a catchy, inspirational tune that tells us that self-trust is the only path to emotional, spiritual and psychological freedom. There is no person, pastor, prophet or professor who can give you courage or confidence. Science of mind, or spiritual psychology would tell is that any miracle that bolsters your faith was in fact, self-created. I love India Arie for her courage and innovation because she wrote a song of self-love and shared it far and wide with mainstream music fans.

As a blogger, I step out on faith every time I share my thoughts with a public that I do not see and cannot trace. I make myself knowable using a medium that does not necessarily foster reciprocation. Even still, I trust that I am honing my ability to share insights and inspiration via the web as effectively as I do in person. I also trust that blogging contributes to my future goals in some great way–beyond my enjoyment of the task itself.

THINK::When was the last time you stepped out on faith? What made it a test of your courage?  Remember tests are indicators of skill, so then tests of faith are measures of how well you trust yourself to manage that aspect of your life. If you doubt yourself, remember doubt is not based on fact, doubt is created by fear. Doubt is literally the spawn or offal of fear. Why give your power to psychological poop? Just flush it away.

FEEL:: What emotions and physical sensations did you feel during and after the “test”? What do you feel right now as you read about and think about fear as something that you can work by simply choosing to trust yourself? What would your life feel like if you had profound trust in your ability to care for yourself, to choose good people,places, and foods for yourself? If you can feel it, you can live it!

GROW:: What would it take for you to trust yourself? If you feel that some parts of your life actively prevent you from feeling courageous about your ability to be healthy, stable, happy or calm, then what changes can you make? The only change you need in life is you: shift your thoughts and choices, your behaviors and relationship to your environment, community and confidantes.

Heritage Music Day:: kRI and hettie Bring the Love!

Listen to kRI & hettie, the message is clear in the lyrics. Watch the as they lovingly sing their songs of inspiration. I love to watch this performance on “The Inner View”, a transformative, inspiring, and provocative radio show created by the brilliant minds of the Center for Spiritual Living Dallas.

THINK about their words::Have you forgiven yourself or others today? If not, now is the time. Let the old pains, go! Whoever wronged you  has already moved on. To dwell in the pain means that you are actually the one who is hurting you. Trippy, isn’t it? 

FEEL your way to balance::Your breath is the way to become grounded in your body, to feel your emotions simply as sensations that pass through you. No emotion is forever, they are simply energy your body makes for you to navigate your world. How do you feel when you think about the life you’ve created for yourself? Your words, your actions, your integrity? Whether happy, sad, or indifferent, just breathe. It’s all temporary anyway.

GROW with the thought that you everyday holds your opportunity “to be”, and to do different::If your heart’s desire is still unfulfilled, then choose to make it real, make it your priority. You can allow yourself to enjoy thinking about, working toward, planning for, or expressing your truth.

Allow patience to grow within you. Take life one moment at a time, so that you can mindfully lay your path toward your self-created bliss. Take it one breath at a time, and you can BE bliss. I suspect that if we all followed our bliss then there would never be a need to forgive ourself or others, because happiness and fulfillment would reign. Of course, we’d all have to learn to not take things personally; that however is fodder for a future post on don Miguel Ruiz‘s book of wisdom “The Four Agreements“. For now, just follow your breath to your bliss. How to find the thing that is blissful? If it feels good in your spirit, it IS good for YOU!


Everyday is an Opportunity

To forgive myself

Everyday is an opportunity

To re-elect myself

To fall in love with myself

Everyday, Everyday, Everyday

Every thought that I have

Every word that I speak

Every secret I tell

Every promise I keep

Is a reflection of me

I breathe In, I breathe it out

I breathe it in, I breathe it out

Everyday, I am creating this.

Future Fashion: 3D Fabric from Your Printer and Multi-style Clothes

I perused Pinterest looking for inspirations, new DIY crafting projects, and future design. My click-fest eventually led me to Ecouterre and this 3-D printed coin necklace. You can order one pre-assembled or buy the DIY pattern from Shapeways, the 3D print items web store.

Michiel Cornelissen's 3D printed copper coin necklace

Is this the future of fabric? What then of the future of fashion? Slow Fashion? DIY?   Convertible Clothes? Cottage Industry Handmade? Upcycled?

Zoe Grace Fletcher  imagines core items decorate-able with interchangeable knit accent pieces. One blouse 12 ways, each niftier than the rest.

Then there is the portable closet by Renée Lacroix and Zahra Ash-Harper. It features 10-durable, stylish, eco-friendly pieces that do quintuple duty (wear each piece 5-different ways!). The entire collection fits into a carry-on for GreenPeeps on the Go, so that the fashion forward, eco-conscious, cosmopolitan sophisticate can travel with hundreds of outfit options in one carry-on bag.

I am excited to see what future fashion emerges victorious. The current ideas are numerous, innovative, interesting and very different from our disposable fashion culture. Who would have imagined that environmental consciousness in fashion would produce new aesthetics, new fabrics, new colors, new levels of durability, portability and add an ethical conversation factor…(wink, wink! that’s the point!)

Fashion and technology are courting, and may one day soon unite to form widely available and affordable Future Fashion: thrifty, stylish, accessible and low-impact.

Encourage Yourself


Sometimes you have to encourage yourself

Sometimes you have to speak victory during the test

and no matter how you feel, just the speak the word and you will be healed!

Speak over your self, encourage yourself, in the Lord, ooooh

(choir) Sometimes you, have to encourage yourself

gotta pat your own self on the back, yeah

(Sometimes you have to speak victory during the test)

And no matter how you feel, speak the word over your life, ooooh and you will be healed

Speak over yourself, encourage yourself, in the Lord.

Second Verse

Sometimes you have to speak the word over yourself,

Depression is all around, but God is present help!

Well the enemy created walls, but remember giants, they do fall

Speak over yourself, encourage yourself, in the Lord, oh!


As I minister to you, oh, I minister to myself…

Life can hurt you so, ’til you feel there’s nothing left…oooh!

(chorus) (no matter how you feel)

Speak the word over your life and you will, you will be healed!

(Speak over yourself)

Sometimes you gotta look in the mirror and tell yourself “I can make it!”

(speak over yourself)

You gotta remember that life and death lies in the power of your own tongue.

Even if nobody tells you you can run on, YOU TELL YOURSELF!

You gotta remember I’m more than a conqueror!

(I’m encouraged!) Greater as HE rests me …..yeah,

(I’m encouraged)

I believe that the Lord said about me!

(I’m encouraged!)

Everything that the enemy ever told me: It’s a Lie! It’s a Lie! It’s a Lie!

(I’m encouraged!)

Yeaaaahhh! Yeaaaahhh! Yeaaaahhh!

(I’m encouraged!) I’m encouraged!   (I’m encouraged) Oh Yes I am!

(I’m encouraged!) Oooh Yes I am! (I’m encouraged!)  Yeahhhh!

I,  will lift up mine eyes unto hills! yeah. All of my help, all of my help comes from the Lord!

I believe, I believe everything he said about me! Oh yeah!

(I’m encouraged)  Oh Yes I am! (I’m encouraged) Oh Yes I am! (I’m encouraged)
Oh…Yes I am! (I’m encouraged) hey , I am

I am, I believe I’m gonna run on, I’m gonna see what the end’s gonna be.

(I’m encouraged)

I know something better is out there waiting for me!

(I’m encouraged)

I believe everything the Lord said about me!

(I’m encouraged).

Speak over yourself, Encourage yourself, in the Lord.


The Culture of Climate Change

One year in the making, my colleagues and I present the two-day colloquium and celebration of Ten Years of the Nature Ecology Society. Join us for performance, lively discussion, fresh sustainable food and good cheer!

I’m Stepping Back a la Sonia Sanchez, Claim another day

Step Back by Sonia Sanchez on Talib Kweli’s album – Blacksmith The Movement

Track # 15 (0:39 seconds) Step Back, by renowned Poet Sonia Sanchez and lyricist Talib Kweli.


I say, all you young girls waiting to live

I say,  all you young girls taking your pill,

I say all you sistahs tired of standing still,

I say all you sistahs thinking you won’t, but you will…

Don’t let them kill you with their stare,

Don’t let them closet you with no air,

Don’t let them feed you sex piecemeal,

Don’t let them offer you any ordeal

I say step back sistahs, we rising from the dead,

I say step back  ***, we dancing on our heads,

I say step back man, no more hanging by a thread…

I say step back girl,

Can’t let it all go unsaid.

lyrics by Sonia Sanchez