I heart this ad!

Get a wide track, Get a Pontiac, and Breakaway, its, the Breakaway car this year…

the year  being 1969  of course. This commercial is perfect, the images they show are the same that car advertisers still tell us that cars are good for, when, in reality all we do is move them to the alternate side of the street, and “rubberneck” at collisions on the highways.

At least the jingle is captivating, which is the true reason I adore this commercial for the Firebird GTO… breakaway!


BODYWORK beckons…

I’m Steppin’ Out to Salon 294 tonight to the opening of BODYWORK. classic car aficionados, gawkers, technophiles and marxists alike will be out in full force to see this rigged-up combo of my personal favorite, the  classic El Camino truck, with the cab of an East German Trabant. Of course this car display would be incomplete without the mechanic and pin-up girl, none other than Liz Cohen the ironically bikini-clad nouveau feminist classically trained artist herself. How could I possibly forgo such a delicious a mind-mash of representative feminist material intellectualism?

The New York Times did a feature on her foray into Low-rider culture, which she chose to delve into to learn the methodos, style and culture.