Saucy Saturday::LogoDoodles for Self-Awareness

I’ve been playing around with Logo symbols, and created two ideas. I used my new watercolor pencils for these, though I plan to revisit them with my rich new watercolors from The Modern museum in Ft. Worth.


These are not final, but they begin to touch on the energies I wish to invoke with my creative and healing arts retreat “The Blue Dome” and the subsidiary brands: think. Feel. Grow!, and Artful Transcendence(c)


Think::What do these images communicate to you? What meaning do you derive from the symbols and their placement?

Feel::How do you feel about a hand drawn logo, given the type of company/organization it represents? How do you feel about the idea of crafting your own logo?

Grow::What would your logo look like? What materials or medium would you choose? What shapes, colors, symbols would you use? What would it represent about you/your goals/your heart work (that is, the true work that you are here to contribute e.g. Healing, beauty, advisor, etc.)

Ah, therein lay the rub. To make a logo, you must first discover and decide on your contribution to this great social and ecological world we call home, That IS the Blue Dome! 🙂

Conspiratorially yours in creativity,