What’s your passion?

Welcome to Spring, my Thinking Feeling Friends!

Meet the extreme hobbyists in the New York Times

I stepped away from think. Feel. Grow!  as I redirected my words and creative output to my research and accompanying multimedia.  I’ve finally collected all of my data, which means I’ve gathered into one place (really multiple sites), the car ads featured in National Geographic Magazine post-World War II to present day. I’ve started creating movie vignettes deconstructing the ads, and I am in the writing process. Yay! This is major, because now I can really work through my ideas with the data in hand! No more suppositions, time to engage with material reality.

Over the past five weeks, I’ve been pondering why do I blog, who reads my blog, and the most recent musing, today, is what is my passion? Well, I don’t know who reads my blog, but I know why I do it. WordPress is a great workspace for me to track my inspirations, share some of my thought process, and at times, write posts directly related to my research that I will include in my thesis. Unlike traditional “work”, intellectual labor is a path where one’s writing creates ones future, so what and where I write helps me find just where I would like to place myself professionally and to what end; I interpret that as work toward identifying my motivation or my passion.

I have many, many hobbies that I turn to at different times and seasons for different reasons. I used to think of myself as generalist: I am an urban cyclist (an extreme sport of its own!), I crochet and knit jewelry and accessories and am a teaching artist, I play the flute and the guitar, I prepare lacto-fermented traditional foods, and recently taught myself bookbinding and scrapbooking techniques.  I am a bit of a technophile especially as it relates to my research and academia, and I read copiously for pleasure. I recently learned how to swim, I am a gardener and all-around “nature-buff” who can lead a reasonable nature tour for friends in almost any region I visit. At times I’ve sewn my clothing from original patterns, I can organize sustainable green conferences, and I can give sound advice (though I think I am retiring from that sticky business!). All of these hobbies actually inspire my passion…to be an Expert; to be so versed, learned and engaged in an idea or phenomenon that I pursue it with zeal and uncover all that I can so that I can share my findings, impressions and understandings of  it with others. I heart this, and it is my motivator, my fuel, my passion.

My creative [writing] process has begun to unfurl, and the more I relax into it, the more I realize that I can wander on flights of intellectual fancy not just in my mind, but I can work it out on the canvas of the paper. Just as my body needs and enjoys physical exercise in the pool or on my trusty Brompton, my mind likes the playgrounds of Scrivener, MsWord, Personal Brain, Dipity, Prezi, WordPress, Omeka and Final Cut Pro and the many other softwares that I use to wrangle with my data, ideas and bring them to a format fit for sharing and discussion with interested others.

So, I have been away from think. Feel. Grow! for a while, coming to learn and accept this about myself and working hard to meet my self-imposed deadlines. My new task, is to continue to share my inspirations, the interesting retro advertisements I found and update you on my project, without judging too harshly, the look and content of my blog postings. So here is to a revitalized momentum here on think. Feel. Grow!, just in time for the warmer days of Spring!