Tina Turner’s Voice rivals Jimi’s wah-wah pedal

My Feeling and *Seeing* friends,

Jimi used a guitar and effects pedal to pitch our emotions to certain levels, to prepare us for the visuals and sounds he was sending our way. the Divine Ms. Tina Turner uses her voice. Add to that the fantastic set design and you have this, a well composed concert for a mature woman performing to a crowded stadium in the Netherlands. Simply Fabulous. We celebrate Beyoncé in an ageist world. Today, I celebrate the Greats.

I recently revisited the video of the incredible Gospel Luncheon that Oprah hosted back in 2005. She gathered the most influential black entertainers of all time to her estate on Hawai’i. It was a very special moment that Oprah generously shared with the world. You can watch it on my Tumblr blog. watching it, and witnessing all that talent in one space made me want to learn more about the attendees. Enter Ms. Tina Turner.

She appears dignified and sexy, learned and alluring. She is physically impressive, we can see that she is mature and energetic. The brilliantly hued visuals all add to her charms, from the golden set lighting to the flames dancing in the center of the golden eye. Such a coup to be chosen or to chose to make music for a cult classic Bond movie. They are perennial favorites. So clearly Ms. Turner has a keen business sense.

Tina Turner is one of our Goddesses of Rock n Roll that does not get enough recognition in America. She is the glamorous aunt we all want, the strong-minded friend we wish to emulate. So I post her video here in hommage* to just that. her ability to inspire us to be our most confident and clear-spoken selves, and to look good while doing it!