Just Married! Art and Craft!

I have encountered a number of uniquely crafted instruments over the years, however htis is the first moment when I’ve heard the artisan state that their work is a marriage between art and craftsmanship. Indeed, the look of the instrument and fine sound, also tells me that it may be a polyamorous relationship as *technicality* seems to have influenced this pairing.

Avocado Ukelele

Snail Shell Ukelele (Snailele)

Dove Hole Mandolin by Celentano Woodworks

To be an artist, artisan or fine crafter, one must fully embrace their medium, materials and tools for all of its possibilties, quirks and challenges. Then, one must consolidate that knowledge with the skills honed over time and circumstance to bring the idea to form and innovate. Truly the expertise, intensity, joy and beauty necessary for and produced by the artists and crafters derives from the same inner source, yet I am perplexed by the fact that society views one as finer than the other because the objects have different practical potentialities.

Navajo Spindle: Earth by Roosterick

Polwarth Wool Roving - Handpainted Felting or Spinning Fiber by Woolgatherings

Raibow Upcycled Sweater by Katwise

I wonder if one must devote themselves to one art form to truly be considers a great artist… or must you know everything about one craft to be a master craftsperson. What about the person who appreciates the vastness of any given art or craft area, endeavors to learn to do one thing really well, then pursues the next medium, material or art / craft form to repeat the process of learning. What is that person called? What is the name of the art of pursuing practicable knowledge about craft?

Offering No. 29 - Handstitched Clamshell Book Sculpture by Odelae

An Innocent Fluttering - Mini Handstitched Journal by Odelae

View the Craft In America Episode: Process that explores the makings of a craft career.  “What inspires a career in craft?  How does one learn a craft and make a living at it?”

1) Know what materials / emotions / places that make you want to create

2) Indulge your curiosity, inspiration is always near

3) Trial and Error. Even the “mistakes” can be beautiful!

4) Collect an email address for every patron who buys your art

5) Open an etsy shop. Start your own cottage industry!

6) Honor your vision. What is amazing to you will find it’s audience. See below!

All the artworks featured in this post are from some of my favorite artisans and shops on etsy! they inspire me. Saving them to y favorites means that I’ve created a small gallery of beautiful handmade items; I love to look at them!

Nevada Cut Coin Jewelry by bongobeads

Toothless Ring Made With Fake Tooth And Topaz by dolldisasterdesign

Tardis Corset- blue underbust corset, steel boned, custom made, doctor who inspired by Corset Wonderland


BODYWORK beckons…

I’m Steppin’ Out to Salon 294 tonight to the opening of BODYWORK. classic car aficionados, gawkers, technophiles and marxists alike will be out in full force to see this rigged-up combo of my personal favorite, the  classic El Camino truck, with the cab of an East German Trabant. Of course this car display would be incomplete without the mechanic and pin-up girl, none other than Liz Cohen the ironically bikini-clad nouveau feminist classically trained artist herself. How could I possibly forgo such a delicious a mind-mash of representative feminist material intellectualism?

The New York Times did a feature on her foray into Low-rider culture, which she chose to delve into to learn the methodos, style and culture.