Seek and You Will Find Yourself

The past few days have been professionally and personally challenging. I am apparently at a transitional phase in life where all prior supports, concepts of self, modes of communication, methods of harnessing personal power and attachment to friends all fall away and crumble to the ground like some fine talcum powder. In the confusion before the dust settled, I felt confused, like I was walking around coated in post 9/11 debris, horrible to see, yet much worse to experience. Shaken to the core that my personal d-day had arrived, the end of all trust, I couldn’t give in to the fatalistic thoughts because life must marched forward to its own tempo, despite the worries that clouded my tiny energetic speck of the universe.

The dust seems to have settled and I am easing into this new phase. I’ve learned some wonderful lessons with the help of a few masters. El maestro don Juan, Carlos Castaneda’s teacher taught me how to release self-importance when dealing with petty tyrants. They are a necessary step on the warriors path to knowledge and a life of impeccability. While there is no easy way to summarize don Juan’s teachings, I can say this. when you open a Carlos Castaneda book, prepare for the teachings to appear in your life. Every time I revisit these books I forget, I wind up breathless in an energetic lesson like this one, and ultimately I leave stronger for it. Consider yourself forewarned. ­čÖé

Another recent teacher is National Geographic’s Cesar Milan and dog Roscoe. Together they demonstrated that patience, a willingness to improvise and trust in the new will allow you to overcome, to push through and ultimately transform the mind-controlling fear. There is a better life on the other side of the fear threshold. Click here to watch the full episode, or watch the short clip below.

And tonight, after a long, productive day at school, working on my research, meeting about the Nature Ecology Society and just all around feeling effective and lucky to have a daily life filled with activities I sincerely enjoy, I reconnected with a power song of yesteryear, sweet reggae music by Freddie McGregor “Seek & You Shall Find”, which I included at the top of this entry.

The lyrics to song inspired this blog post, bolstered my train ride home at 11pm and overall made me feel like all of my dreams are possible; not only that they are possible, but that my dreams are my future reality, that they are already mine, already true. All I need to do is show up and be present when the time comes. For those of you unaccustomed to the island lilt of my people, I’ve excerpted some of the lyrics below:

I can see my blessings coming…in these troubled times we gotta be strong! and as sure as the sun shines, I’ve gotta get it cause it’s really mine, won’t stop won’t give up the fight, I’ll do it with all my might, right now cause… Jah Jah will do it. If you seek then you will find it (x2). Mankind knows not the minute or the hour, so ┬ádo the best in life….the things you wanna achieve in life is there for you right now, I know that!

Some think to themselves, there’s no hope there is no solution to these major problems created by man, oh yes, but as sure as the sun shines, I’ve got to get it cause it’s really mine, don’t stop, don’t give up the fight. Do it with all your might, my people. Jah Jah will do it, just seek then you will find it.┬áMankind knows not the minute or the hour, so ┬ádo the best in life….the things you wanna achieve in life is there for you right now, I know…

Be wise now children and listen to the words of wisdom, in these troubled times we’ve got to be strong…


5,000 Black Birds Fall from the Sky

To My Feeling and Thinking Friends,

“Panic Early to Avoid the Rush!” is the most poignant statement for me in Caroline Casey’s visionary activist Show on the Winter Solstice 2010. I’ve been spreading the word, but people disbelieve me, so here are some domestic headlines that have prompted me to activate own relocation plan. Yes, seriously.

One of 5,000 dead Blackbirds that fell from Beebe, Arkansas skies. Click the image to read more at

Click Here to view a video report on the Weather Channel

Many Arkansas birds and fish did not survive into the New Year. Specifically, the 3,000-5,000 Red-Winged Blackbird carcasses that rained down on Beebe Arkansas, and the 500 which died at the same time in Louisiana. You should note that that’s more birds than there are people in this small town. Scientists have yet to uncover their cause of death, however the two competing theories are either weather-related stress or fireworks. You know, either or.

Young Drum fish found dead in Ozark, Arkansas

The second plague-like event is the death of 2,000,000 (that’s 2-million) adult Spot fish in the Chesapeake Bay which faces its own pollution challenges, and 85,000-100,000 dead young drum fish in Ozark, Arkansas. Their carcasses washed up over a 20-mile stretch of the Arkansas River, this past New Years weekend. Also, cause unknown.

**Listen to the┬áVisionary Activist Show – Winter Solstice 2010**

The Visionary Activist: this is the brilliant weekly show by Caroline Casey, the mytho-poetic astrologer and trickster. The top of your head will pop off as you laugh yourself into a deeper understanding of our challenged society and its impact on the rest of nature. This blog was inspired by Caroline Casey’s remark (in this broadcast) “Panic early to avoid the rush”. It resonated deep within me and I share it with you ┬áalong with the information about the sudden deaths of the Red Winged Black Birds, and the Drum and Spot Fish in the hopes that your perception will shift just enough for you to not feel so distant from animal life and death, but to see their fate as linked to ours. If their lives could be snuffed out so easily and seemingly randomly, there are obviously forces at work that challenge their air they breathe and the water they drink. We breathe the same air and drink the same water, so we are just as vulnerable as they are to the dreadful changes that careless manufacturing wreaks on the natural systems that sustain all life, including ours.